There are many ways to get involved and volunteer for the refuge, here are a few examples of how SPRA supports our area refuges!

Volunteers repair the turtle fence along the highway through Valentine National Wildlife Refuge. The fence keeps turtles, including the rare Blanding’s, from becoming road kill.

volunteers, trails day
Volunteers celebrating National Trails Day by making repairs to the Marsh Lakes Overlook Trail.

Volunteer, fish surveys
Volunteers assist with carp control research on Clear Lake.

Volunteers dig out possibly the world’s only turtle underpass.

Trout in the Classroom
A budding biologists learns about owl food habits at an open house.

Public Lands Day
Volunteers host refuge educational activities including open houses and Public Lands Day events.

SPRA supports Trout in the Classroom, an educational program where students raise trout from eggs and learn about the importance of water quality.